Thursday, August 11, 2011

{Costa Rica 2011} - Day 6 - Family Stuff

This is a short post and I don't have any photos because the fog really hated me. We went to Jaco on the way back from Manuel Antonio as I mentioned in the last post and we had the rest of the day for family stuff. Tony's not back home very often so we had to mix in time with family and friends in our (rare) spare time.

We had dinner with Tony's Grandpa that night and I was hoping for a heck of a view. You see, he lives at the top of Monte de la Cruz South of San Jose. This mountain is known for it's huge cross at the top which you can see from San Jose. It's called La Cruz de Alajuelita and he lives pretty much underneath that. So, I was expecting a breathtaking view of the city at night but instead I got pea soup. Well, mostly pea soup. :) It was a mostly blind drive up to his house thanks to the fog and his four story, all glass house was like standing in a steamed up bathroom. The fog did eventually clear and I got to see (what they tell me) 75% of the Costa Rican population all lit up! Of course, I didn't get a picture so you'll have to take my word for that!

Not to be forgotten were the other family dinners we also had during the trip! We had lunch at his Grandma's house one day as well and the food was delicious! Her maid has been with her for 40 years and cooks a meal meal, I must say! His Grandma had loved the Peach Mimosas that we had when they were visiting and we went to Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis so she tried to recreate them for me for lunch. How cute! :) We also had a family birthday/Tony's home party with his Mom's side of the family one night with lots of delicious snacks.

All in all, great people and great food! :)

Okay, just had to mention that! Honestly, it was kind of nice to have a less busy day here and there to recuperate.

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