Thursday, July 21, 2011

{Costa Rica 2011} - Welcome to Costa Rica!

First let me say thanks to Delta for not sucking like Continental. All flights were on time, smooth, and well staffed. Maybe I've broken my streak of bad airline luck!

Tony's mom and sister picked us up at the airport and we headed to his aunt's for dinner. Tony had picked up a MacBook for his cousin's boyfriend and he's a chef so he made us a delicious meal to say thanks for being mules. Electronics are taxed at 100% so it's a lot cheaper to have someone bring you stuff from the states.

In addition to the family I'd already met, I've so far met his mom's boyfriend, his aunt and uncle, two cousins and one of their boyfriends, and his maternal grandma. Oh, and Roxy the sweetest dog in all of Costa Rica. She was stuck to me immediately because she could tell I love animals. Well, she was stuck to me until her mom, Paula (Tony's cousin) got there then I was second choice. :)

Now I'm in bed about to sleep with 55 degree breezes blowing in the open window. OMG, the weather is beautiful. Literally half as hot as at home! Yes, when we get to the beaches or generally out of the valley in which San Jose lies it'll be hot, but I'll enjoy the cool when I can!

I should probably sleep now. We have to get up at 5am tomorrow so we can head out to our first excursions: a rainforest tram tour followed by the pineapple plantation tour! So excited! I'll take out the real camera and include more photos in my next post. :)

Until later, ciao!

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