Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to the drawing board.

Remember when I said that it may not be my fault that I've had so much trouble with my weight for so many years? Yeah, so much for that.

I finally got my meeting with the Endocrinologist after waiting two months for a female doctor due to some female issues that could also be related to the thyroid. It didn't go well. First of all, she had a trainee with her, a 25 year old male trainee, and I didn't feel like I should say no to letting him be there so there he stayed. Then she starts off by saying, "so why are you here?" Now, keep in mind she had to review my chart to even decide whether she'd see me as a patient so if she didn't see a reason to see me then why bother?? Anyway, without going into details I basically left feeling stupid, carrying around drugs that I didn't want (synthetic vs. bio-identical), feeling like my preferred approach of natural wellness was poo-poo'd, and waiting for results of more tests that she was sure would prove I had no issues anyway. We clearly weren't a good fit for each other.

By the end of the appointment I was blinking back tears, had my stress blotches on my chest, and wanted to get out as quickly as possible. Oh, and she said my nurse was an idiot for assuming that my increase of my TSH levels from 1.648 to 3.305 was a sign of an issue. I did end up getting blood drawn to test for Hashimotos which is basically a disease where there are antibodies that end up causing hypothyroidism. Got a call back today telling me that I'm normal. In fact, my TSH numbers are now 1.3. W.T.F. WTF, I say! Apparently weight loss and diet changes can make the number change a lot and that's what she thinks happened to me since I lost 15lbs between when I took the test and now and I changed elements of my diet.

So, now I'm back to the drawing board. She said she could test me for PCOS since that tends to show itself in similar symptoms to what I am experiencing, but based on my body shape and other factors she's pretty sure it would come back negative. Also, PCOS doesn't explain some of my more frustrating symptoms besides the weight management one so I didn't want to bother if it didn't seem to cover all the bases and she didn't think it was likely. That, and I just plain didn't like the woman. Instead, I'm going to go to my general doctor and start over. He's been my doctor since I moved to Iowa and I feel he and his nurses know me well. Which is one reason why I was so irritated that the specialist would dismiss my nurse's opinion so easily given the woman has been my nurse for nearly 10 years! If she sees something that stands out why should it be so easily dismissed?

I'm frustrated and tired of being frustrated. Maybe I'll check with my acupuncturist to see if there's anything for my issues. I had great luck with acupuncture before!


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