Monday, February 7, 2011

Phase II

Well, I survived Phase I! And you know, it really wasn't so terrible. Sure, the gluten free bit was quite the challenge and I wanted my customary glass (bottle) of wine with my blizzards but I survived! And I lost a total of 8.5 pounds out of the deal, too! Considering I was a pretty health conscious eater before this I think that's doing pretty well! 5-ll pounds is the expected for the first phase so I'm square in the middle of that. Also, I feel significantly less "puffy" now. My stomach is flatter, my arms leaner, and my legs are losing that nice padding I had around my yoga muscles! I posted my weight loss totals online today for the world to see and I had a great response! A couple of friends have ordered the books for themselves and are hoping to have similar results. My results aren't shocking by any means, but they're healthy and sustainable and that's what's important.

The next phase I get to reintroduce eggs, diary, and gluten as well as a whole bunch of other stuff in order to "rebalance" my metabolism. I'm intrigued that I'm still supposed to lose another 5-10 pounds in this second 4 week period despite adding back sugars and stuff but I guess if you're eating things your body knows how to process there's no reason it's not doable. I have to continue to stay away from the refined flours and fake crap and that's fine by me. Except for the fact that very few pizza places offer whole wheat pizza crust and I would really like a pizza!

Hmm, today was my "reintroduce eggs" day and I've had no eggs. Perhaps tonight is a breakfast for dinner night!

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