Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Gift from the Greek (yogurt) Gods

I don't have an addictive personality which is good because if I did I'd probably eat Chobani Greek Yogurt for every meal.

I recently won a sampler pack of the new Chobani flavors (mango, lemon, black cherry) by commenting on their website. We had to tell them where we'd be taken as we tasted the new flavors. I, of course, said that they would take me away to Costa Rica! The mango and lemon just scream warm weather and beaches to me and since I'm planning a trip there it only seemed natural. Anyway, I won! I never win anything, but it doesn't stop me from trying! It paid off in spades this time for sure.

Yesterday an insulated box arrived on my front step. I wasn't sure if I'd get one of each flavor or if it'd be a 12 pack or something. It was a 12 pack. Woot! I got 4 of each flavor and I had to photograph the box of deliciousness. :) I did a little dance in my living room I was so happy. The packing peanuts made the kitties happy, too, so I guess we all win!

So far, I've only tried the mango and it was quite good. It reminded me a smidge of the peach but maybe that's because it's orange. I don't know. But I did like it more than the peach for sure. Peach has always been that flavor that comes in my Club pack from Costco that I wish would be replaced with something else. The other flavors are strawberry and blueberry. If they'd throw pomegranate in there I'd be thrilled!

I brought the black cherry to eat with lunch today and I'm so excited to try it!

If you haven't tried Greek yogurt, you should. It's loaded with protein and is so versatile. Not just for breakfast anymore! Heck, just check out the recipes on the Chobani site. So many things you can do with it! I do recommend the Chobani though if you're new to Greek yogurt. The texture of Greek yogurt is a bit...different. Chobani is the one that I like the best for both texture and flavor.


Micah said...

After reading this post, I gave Chobani yogurt a whirl. So good!!! I had the strawberry kind, but I'll be buying others.

yogagirl said...

I'm so glad you like it!! The pomegranate is still my favorite but the new flavors are pretty good too!