Thursday, January 20, 2011

Phase I

I'm on day three of my three week Ultra Metabolism Phase I. What have I learned so far? Gluten free is expensive. In addition to my previous limitations, I now also must eliminate gluten, dairy and eggs. Those three things are common food allergens, so by eliminating them I will be able to do a little self test for sensitivity when I add them back. The eggs and dairy, while missed, aren't that difficult. Gluten is another story. I think I spent 45 minutes at the store staring at grains trying to decide what to buy that was within my rules. I had a list of items I wanted that were part of the shopping list in my book, but I wanted a few other options as well. Gluten free items must be a cash cow. I can't imagine it's that much more expensive to produce them in the long run, but they have a captive audience so they can charge out the ass apparently.

Other than the initial shock of shopping for Phase I and trying to decide what to cook, it's going okay so far. But then I got my bottom braces on yesterday and I'm in pain. When you can't chew and you have a very limited diet, eating becomes rather complicated. Lucky for me my Google Reader food blog addiction paid off again yesterday and dropped in my lap an delicious winter soup that fit all my rules and didn't require chewing. Thank goodness.

Oh! I forgot to mention, I'm down 4 pounds! I hope it's the eating and not a fluke. :)

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Tony CaƱas said...

4 pounds out of a goal of 20 is 20% there and it's just been a few days, so great start!