Thursday, January 20, 2011


Yesterday I got my bottom braces put on and also got my top ones tightened. When I got my top braces I happened to have an acupuncture appointment that afternoon and he was able to do magical things to make the throbbing in my head stop. This time, I had no such thing. I didn't expect it to be as bad since the bands were already on so I wouldn't have to suffer through that completely unpleasant experience. Thing is, the bottom ones aren't terrible at the moment. They're throbby and uncomfortable and I feel like I have popcorn hulls shoved between all of my bottom teeth, but they're not super bad. The real pain at the moment is from my upper left incisor. It wasn't wanting to turn quite right so yesterday as part of my adjustment my wire got a little notch bent into it that, when it's straightening itself out, will pull that tooth right where it needs to be. That tooth is hurting some kind of terrible right now. Apparently some long hidden tooth surface has been exposed to air for the first time and it's incredibly sensitive. Water, air, breathing...yeah, it all hurts. My coworkers are getting a rare treat....I'm silent. Hopefully that doesn't last for long.

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