Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cancun Recap

I'm back from Cancun and have survived my first week back to work. Thankfully, most people seemed to pay attention to the out of office message I had set up so I didn't have a huge pile of email to wade through, but I still had to play catch up. Now I can work on getting my crap put away from my trip!

Anyway, I promised a recap and here we go!

First and foremost, I did NOT get a sunburn! Diligence and good sunscreen served me well. I hope I'm as fortunate when I'm back in Mexico in June when it's much, much hotter. I actually had people at the resort on Thursday say to me, "oh dear, that sun is strong out sure you wear sunscreen or you'll fry!" Then I told them I'd been there since Sunday and they were always a little shocked. I'm telling you, if you want to avoid a burn it's possible! Hooray!

Okay, back to the trip. The resort, the Golden Parnassus, was pretty much perfect for our group. We had 18 people that were all very different so it was important that we had a resort where everyone felt comfortable. It was kind of no-frills, but it was clean and the staff was great. We had a lagoon side room (329 to be exact) and while the view wasn't fantastic it was at least quiet. The pillows were a bit on the hard side but after a full day in the sun with booze I probably could have slept on a concrete slab.

The restaurants were just "meh" in my opinion. My favorite restaurant there for dinner was Sumo, the sushi place. But the buffet for breakfast and lunch wasn't bad either. The french toast with cinnamon and sugar with frosting and caramel were delicious! Also, the view from the buffet area was great.

We spent pretty much ever evening at the bar at the pool with the best bartender ever, Jose. Bringing the insulated mug was a good idea, too, because the heat melted drinks instantly and who wants to take a bunch of trips to the bar when you're comfy in a lounge chair? I spent most of my time people watching, reading, and just relaxing. That's exactly what I had intended to do with my time! The entertainment staff worked hard to get people involved and provide games and activities for the guests. We had some...interesting...experiences with them as I think we were the youngest group at the resort at the time. For the most part they realized when to try and involve people and when to leave them alone though.

We only took one off-resort excursion and we went to Tulum and Xel-Ha. Both were awesome! I'm super excited to see the photos from the waterproof camera that we took while snorkeling at Xel-Ha!

View of Tulum

So, this wasn't the most in depth recap ever, but it'll have to do cuz I'm spent! Feel free to ask me any questions at all!

Oh, btw, my camera was AWESOME! It did such a great job with all of the beach photos! I'm so happy I made that purchase!

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