Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's try this again...

Clearly I have been slacking on the blog maintenance. I really have a hard time thinking that people will be that interested in what I have to say that they'd take the time to come read a blog. Most of my useful thoughts can be summed up in tweets or Facebook status updates (tho some would disagree on the usefulness of those!).

So, why start back up you may ask? Well, I'm taking a couple of awesome vacations in the next few months here and after doing my research for those trips I've found that trip reports on blogs and forums are the single most useful source of information for vacations! I figure, why not try and return the favor to the people of the interwebz and (hopefully) create a travelogue that will provide some helpful bits of info or just interesting photos and resort ratings!

I do intend to try and get better about posts in general, too. This won't turn into a travel blog! I mean, yeah I'm taking two trips to Mexico in four months but before that the only real trips I took were for work! I guess I did have a couple of fun trips to visit friends in there, but in general I don't take enough time off of work. Anyway, long story short...I don't travel enough to make this a travel blog.

Here's to yet another attempt to keep up on the blog, if only for the occasional useful post!

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