Sunday, October 26, 2008

Running off track.....

What happens when you set a goal to run a 5k on a specific date and everything is going well and you're feeling great? Something comes up to take you off off track and you don't make your goal...and it sucks.

Technically, I did meet my goal of running a 5k before I turned 30 when I ran the Beaverdash in September. But, I had always considered that a practice run and the 5k on Oct 19th was supposed to be my real run. Well, I somehow managed to severely jack up my hip and was unable to run for a few weeks. I just got the okay from my doctor to try running again and I intend to give it a go tomorrow. I'm going to start on the treadmill though to minimize the impact so I don't break myself immediately.

Just thought I'd throw out an update since I know a lot of people were wondering how I did in my goal race. The answer is, I did a great job cheering on my friends from the Injured Reserve bench that my friend Amy I created near the finish line. :)


J Furman said...

I was wondering about you!!

yogagirl said...

I'm going to do my best to get back to it! But I'll be playing it by ear and basically I'll let my hip dictate how far I run and how frequently. Grr. Thanks for checking in! :)