Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reggie's Sleepout 2008 Donations Needed!

Last year some friends and I participated in an event called Reggie's Sleepout. The event is held to raise awareness and money to address the critical problem of youth homelessness in Central Iowa.

Participants gather in the Drake football stadium and sleep under the stars in cardboard structures, tents, sleeping bags, etc in the cold of November. Teams are formed to raise funds for Iowa Homeless Youth Centers and The Des Moines Area Religious Council to help combat the issue of homelessness.

Another part of this event is the cardboard structure contest. Last year my friends and I created a huge cardboard replica of the 801 Grand building in downtown Des Moines to illustrate just how much space would be required to house all of the homeless in the state. It would take nearly 4 buildings the size of 801 Grand to house all of the homeless in the state as of 2005. That's a ton! Our creation was the biggest and most impressive structure at the event and it went a long way to put the size of the problem into perspective. This year, we're going even bigger and hope to increase awareness even more.

Our team, the Huddled Masses, would love to not only go bigger on the structure but also bring in an impressive amount of money for the event by way of fund raising from our friends and families. Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated! And if you're interested in joining our team, just let us know!

Donate to our team, the Huddled Masses!

Learn more about Reggie's Sleepout: http://www.reggiessleepout.org

Thanks for reading and an extra big thanks to those who donate to the cause!

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Andrew Allen said...

I love it!!!!! You're amazing!