Monday, July 21, 2008


The Couch to 5K training is going well, I think! I'll be starting on the week 4 workout this week so I'm almost half-way through the program. If I stick with it and make sure that I keep my workouts consistent I think I'll be able to do it.

I bought one of those Nike+ SportBand thingies to help me track my progress. Sure, I can get on MapMyRun after my runs to figure out how far I went but that's kind of annoying and it doesn't keep a history. The Nike+ thingie will allow me to upload my runs so that I can keep track of progress online. I also synced up my Nike+ profile with Runner+ which gives a little better tracking than the Nike+ apparently. At least that's what my friend Kris says! So, hopefully with the tracking, consistent workouts, etc I'll be able to easily meet my goal.

I'm also super excited because I can once again fit into the jeans that I was fitting into before I gained weight again! Sure, they're a little snug around the waist, but that'll change soon I hope! It's really a great measurement of my progress that I can fit into them again. I'm seeing my hips and thighs shrink which makes me very happy. Apparently I wasn't imagining the weight loss afterall!

It's probably not hurting that I'm also taking adult swimming lessons. I took lessons when I was a kid to get me to the point where I wouldn't drown, but I kept getting fried in the sun so I quit. Now I want to be able to do lap swim for a workout and it wouldn't hurt to have a stronger stroke in general. So, I decided to take adult swimming lessons. I feel like I've already improved a great deal in the 2 one-hour sessions I've had. If I keep that up and am able to add swimming to my workout I'll be in great shape.

I'm excited! Tune in later for more updates!

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