Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obama '08: Next Steps

Election time is coming up quickly and I'm so excited! I've never been as involved in a political campaign in all my life as I've been for Obama. I've always been very politically active but in more of a "get your asses up and vote" kind of way. Never for one particular candidate. Sure, I did some door knocking for Kerry last time around but that was for the greater good, not because I was super involved in the campaign itself.

I lived here during the last election, but wasn't familiar with the caucus process, didn't have my heart set on a candidate, and therefore didn't participate. I've always been a registered Independent because I vote by issue, not by party (even tho I definitely lean to the left). But this time around, I switch my registration so I could caucus for Obama. I went to more events, rallies, house meetings, and volunteered more than I even thought possible. I've always been so disheartened by the process....but this time it's different. I feel a real change, a momentum, and I see real potential for healing in this country on the horizon. So, I got off my ass and threw the spare time I had into the campaign. I was greeter girl at our precinct caucus (see photo in logo above....thanks!) which meant that I welcomed and gave stickers to the huge number of Obama supporters that packed our caucus location well beyond fire code limits. From there I decided I wanted to be a delegate. So, I got elected delegate from my precinct and off I went to the celebration rally downtown.

Being a delegate is a long process. People seem to think it's just about casting your vote for your candidate at conventions and that's it. Oh no, my friends. You have to vote on the party platform as well which can take forever and then you get to do candidate oriented things which can also take forever. You do this at each level of the convention process: country, district, and state. At district people start vying for the chance to go to the national convention. I had decided early that I didn't want to go to the DNC, but would instead work to help people that I thought deserved it more than myself. Even more people are sent to DNC from the state convention which, unfortunately, had to be rescheduled this year due to the Floods of '08 so we had pretty low attendance. But, we got our jobs done and now it's onto the general election.

I'm doing what I can to help make sure Obama is elected. Volunteering, housing volunteers, talking to friends, sporting Obama gear, etc. I'm truly excited about the potential for this year and everywhere I go it seems like other people are, too. I'm so happy to see so many people with Obama bumper stickers, shirts, buttons, etc. I hope that you Obama supporters out there will do the same!

I'm fired up and ready to go!

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